Graphics Edge LLC is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and is a full-service printing and branding firm with emphasis on wall murals, storefront windows, floor graphics, vehicle wraps and boat wraps.   We specialize in transforming your home, office, lobby or storefront that provoke an emotional response to take your business to the next level.   From individual consumers to large corporations, we have created strategies and designs to create unique impressions and clearly communicate your message.  Our team of designers and photographers will create effective marketing and branding experiences that will be seen by thousands of people every day. 

MISSION: Create new brand experiences using vehicles and interior and exterior surfaces of your locations. We can help evaluate the equity that already exists and leverage that with unique applications and solutions.

VISION: Our approach is designed to bring a collaborative graphics and print solution that creates strategies to build better ROI, brand awareness, lead generation, and consumer experiences and help assist with future franchise and business development plans.


We are proud of our diverse team and committed to exceeding the status quo and the highest quality results possible.  Our firm is comprised of a number of distinguished marketers, photographers and designers who specialize in creating unique designs and evoke emotions. 


Bob Burmaster (MBA) is the CEO and founder of Graphics Edge LLC.  Bob has been a business owner in the graphics industry for over 12 years and recognizes the value of providing an outstanding customer experience.  Previously, he served our country in US Army Special Forces and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with experience in diverse and challenging organizations.  This provided him experience in strategy development, leadership and building strong relationships.  Bob has an MBA with a focus on marketing and currently working on his Executive MBA at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Bob is passionate about SCUBA Diving and teaching disabled and Wounded Warrior SCUBA programs and bringing all the opportunity to explore and submerge into aquatic adventures through positive encouragement and building strong lifelong relationships.


I’ve always been an artist at heart, if not always in practice. As a child, I read books to fertilize my mind and inspire my dexterous fingers to illustrate fantastical drawings and sculpt fun, little figurines. I adored art, and I knew I would be a famous artist one day! The older I became – specifically under the pressure of college life – the more I felt confined by influence and introspection.

My love for artists, and their genres, span a wide spectrum, so as an artist I struggle most with solidifying my message, style and voice. I am often distracted and conflicted by many interests – in life and when creating my art. I am often very critical, dissatisfied, and wrestle with completing a piece. My work never feels finished, especially when I reflect on older works from my now more experienced point of view.    

What I have gathered here is a small collection of art from 2004-2015. I’m proud to show a cohesive collection where infusions of color and imagination link each and every piece together. And yet, I believe every piece is very different from the next. My hope is that my humor and sense of adventure shine through, and with that I have decided my “style” is one based on variety and light.

MIKE BAINTER – Graphic Designer

Marine and Wildlife Artist Mike Bainter is one of the hottest up and coming artist on the market today. Over the past few years Mike has been a featured artist for several large fishing tournaments including the Yamaha Contender Miami Billfish Tournament and the Red Ghost Stalk Tournament in Islamorada, Fla. Just recently Mike was honored as the Featured Artist for the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Banquet in St. Augustine, Florida in December of 2015. His donations to the Hero’s on the Water, Spot Cup Fishing Tournament and many other tournaments both boating and kayak events alike has helped raise thousands of dollars for children with special needs, Military Vets and Conservation Groups like the CCA across the country.

Mike’s passion for the outdoors started out early in life while growing up on the coast of Pensacola, Fla with his father and living with his mother in central Alabama on Lake Martin as a young adult enjoying the best of what nature had to offer.  After graduating high school Mike spent the next five years in the US Military as a Naval Seabee where served his country and was an active participant in Desert Shield/Storm Campaign before getting a medical discharge in 1992. Following his father’s death in 2012 Mike started his own business FishTail Artworks in honor of his dad, where he hopes to follow the dream they once shared together.

PAUL RIVERA – Photographer

Paul Rivera began his passion for photography at an early age through his father’s teachings in the field and in the studio. His father was a professional photographer who specialized in glamor & product photography where he received hands on training. Paul has had the honor of shooting photos for many highly decorated members of the Armed Forces such Ret. Vice Admiral Harm, USN Blue Angels, CV67 Kennedy, DDG60 Hamilton, local prom and homecoming events. Paul has been most recently shooting nature photos and shooting photos for fishing events.

“Through the years of photography I have met many great people.  I have been privileged to do photography at events and it has taken me to great places. I enjoy capturing moments for others to remember but on my time off I like to tour new areas with a camera in hand.”