Boat Wraps by Graphics Edge Tampa FL


Whether you are a professional angler who wants to promote your sponsors/company or a weekend boater who wants to be noticed, Graphics Edge will provide you with an amazing, eye-catching boat wrap for your boat and/or tow vehicle!

If you own a boat you will understand the level of satisfaction you have when you take her out on the water. But do you ever think how all boats basically look the same. Colors may vary and styles as well, but basically the same. Think of the level of satisfaction you will experience taking your wrapped boat out for a cruise on the water with a custom style designed specifically for your personality or advertising needs!

Protect: If you’re a boat owner, then you know a major expense in owning a boat is the cost of maintenance. One of the largest maintenance concerns for any boat owner is the scheduled waxing required to maintain the exterior gel coat or painted surfaces of your vessel. Now, with available film choices, you can protect your boat’s painted or gel exterior finish.

Customize: Color Change Boat Wraps; how about a fire red, or brilliant blue. Whatever it is, we can create any color you like. The use of custom color hulls, accent design striping or digital imaging can take a boat from just another one of the many vessels that a manufacturer produces to a custom look representing the individual taste of its owner. Have an existing color you’d like us to match? No problem. We’ll match it to any gelcoat accents, the interior, or even your favorite sports team. Choose from solid colors, matte and carbon fiber wrapping vinyl. For boat wraps, we use the best materials on the market available using only 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film, and Oracal Wrapping Film.

Advertise: Full Color Boat Wraps is just smart business. There’s one cost, and boundless potential that will keep generating you revenue. Where else can your marketing dollars have such an impact (in the positive) on your return on investment? The average vehicle boat wrap has the potential for making thousands of unique and most importantly repeated views saturating your brand, service and product.