Graphics Edge LLC vehicle color change car wraps, also known as matte wraps, can transform the look of your car, boat, truck or SUV. Many drivers treat their cars as a high-speed form of self-expression, and fleet vehicles look best with a uniform aesthetic. Custom paint colors can look fantastic, but they’re also costly and time consuming. Our Color Change Car Wraps are simple, fast and cost-effective way for drivers and businesses to accent, update, or completely alter the appearance of a vehicle’s finish—while protecting the original paint job from chips and wear.

No Mess | No Paint | Endless Possibilities

With the color choices expanding practically every month and textures such as Carbon Fiber, Brushed Metals and Matte Finishes why would you even consider the use of paint on your vehicle. Based on our exemplary vehicle wrap services, our wrapping system grants you:

  • In just one- two days change the color of your vehicle.
  • Protects & Saves your OEM paint.
  • Remove it at any time to return your vehicle to its original finish.

Mix and match textures and colors to create the look that portrays your distinct image. Choose from solid colors, matte and carbon fiber wrapping vinyl. We use the best materials on the market available using 3M Scotchprint Wrap Film, Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film, and Oracal Wrapping Film.

Color Change Car Wraps “Matte WrThere are other options such as your typical repaint, but why? Paint will ruin your OEM paint and might be harder to sell or you may want that shine back. Getting a vehicle wrap in flat matte black or any other color is now a very feasible option and completely within your means. Color change car wraps and matte wrap looks and feels just like a paint and will last many years. Later down the road and want to sell the vehicle bring it in or have a qualified installer remove your matte wrap back to your vehicles original finish…. yes, and your paint will look as new as the day you brought it in.

Feel free to contact a Graphics Edge Specialist and be amazed by the thousands of combinations possible for your car, truck, boat, SUV or whatever your ride may be…Graphics Edge is here to help.